Disabled Supporters'

Association (DSA)

The Disabled Supporters Association works to help and engage Walsall fans and visiting supporters who have a disability or illness. 

Walsall FC Disabled Supporters Association (Walsall FC DSA) is an independent, not-for-profit and completely voluntary supporter organisation.


We exist to act as a collective and representative voice on behalf of all disabled supporters of Walsall Football Club, regardless of the nature or extent of disability; to share ideas and suggestions in relation to facilitating a more positive match day experience for disabled supporters attending live matches, and in order to address and resolve any problems or issues which may arise. We are owned by, and run by our own members.

Walsall FC DSA is committed to working closely with Walsall FC, Level Playing Field, specialist school and community groups, and any other individual, group or organisation whose aims are inline with ours, to help improve the overall enjoyment and match day experience of disabled supporters, and to promote interest in disabled supporters attending matches.

One of our main aims is to help improve and maintain disabled facilities at the Banks's Stadium in order to make attending live matches more accessible to disabled supporters within a friendly, safe and comfortable environment. You can read more about our main aims and objectives further down this page.

The Walsall FC DSA Management Committee which is made up of democratically elected volunteers from within our own membership, and will endeavour to provide important, up-to-date disabled supporter information in relation to away ground facilities, and provide useful links to away ground disabled supporter policies, as well as contact details for club disabled supporter liaison officers, and where they exist, contact details for each clubs DSA or similar organisation.

It's FREE to become a registered member of Walsall FC DSA, and membership is open to all disabled supporters, care providers, family members, friends, and anyone else with an interest in the work that we do.


Aims & Objectives


To represent ALL disabled supporters of Walsall Football Club, regardless of the nature or extent of disability

Walsall FC DSA will act as a collective and representitive voice on behalf of ALL disabled supporters of Walsall Football Club, whether a member of the DSA or not, and will treat and respect all disabled supporters of the club equally and without prejudice.

To help facilitate a positive match day experience for disabled supporters of Walsall FC and visiting teams

We will work with Walsall Football Club to ensure that ALL disabled supporters (home and away) visiting the Banks's Stadium experience an enjoyable visit, in a friendly, safe and comfortable environment, by promoting non-discriminatory practise through raising awareness of the differing needs and requirements of disabled supporters wherever possible and within the constraints of the DSA's capabilities.

To help maintain and improve disabled supporter facilities at the stadium

We will work with Walsall Football Club in order to maintain existing disabled supporter facilities at the stadium, and wherever possible, help the club to introduce new facilities for the benefit of disabled supporters within both the constraints and financial capabilities of the DSA.

To provide important disability information regarding Walsall Football Club matches, both home and away

We will endeavour to provide important up-to-date disabled supporter information and contact details for both home and away Walsall Football Club matches (in all competitions).


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