2.6.2020. Lucky Ticket Draw Update.

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association

Ref Bescot Bar fundraiser. Lucky ticket.

As you know it's our aim to raise £5000 to help refurbish the Bescot Bar.

As of today, Tuesday 2nd June, we have raised £3900. All we need now is 55 more fans to help us achieve our goal. I'm sure we have 55 fans who will consider helping the club by helping cover the costs of the planned vinyl skinning of the walls paying homage to some true saddler legends. That's all we need just 55 more saddlers willing to be part of this.

Please if you can help by purchasing a lucky ticket please do do by heading over to our online shop, and buy a ticket, You also stand the chance of winning a season ticket in any area of the Homeserve stand.

You can also make a donation if wished, pm me for details on how to do so. We are so close now let's come together as a fan base and not only help the club financially, but pay tribute to ex legends from both our Fellows Park days and the Bescot years. As said just 55 more ticket sales and we have done it. To purchase a ticket head over to our online shop using the link below-


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