24.5.2020. Lucky Ticket Draw Update.

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association

Ref Bescot Bar fundraiser-

Well we have had quite a sprint on today and again you the fans have backed our fundraiser to refurbish the Bescot Bar with a remarkable response.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that as of 8 pm today Sunday 24th May That we have raised to date a fantastic £3000.

Our target is 5k so in just over two days we have already gone past the halfway mark Please if you can and you want to help our club whilst also paying homage to some true saddlers legends who will be featured in the artwork , head over to the Issa online shop and purchase a lucky ticket, This is a fantastic opportunity to prove how much our club means to us, so as said please consider purchasing a ticket. The link to our online shop is as below.


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