29.5.2020. Lucky Ticket Draw Update.

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association

Ref skinning of Bescot Bar.

As you are aware our aim is to raise £5000 in order to skin the walls out of the newly refurbished Bescot Bar with artwork paying homage to ex legends of the club from both our Fellows Park days and the Bescot years.

As of 8pm today, 29th may we have raised a total of £3680.

We are so close now. Please if you can head over to our online shop and purchase a lucky ticket, every penny goes to our club.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us as fans to help our club and have an input into a very exciting project.

All we need now to complete this fundraiser is 66 fans to purchase a lucky ticket and its job done and we can get the artwork done.

I know it's a big ask but surely we have 66 fans who are willing to help by purchasing a ticket. Anyone who contributes to this will if wished. have there names incorporated into a roll of honour which we will incorporate into the revamped facility , acknowledging their contribution.

So as said if you would like to help club and honour some true legends who have graced both Fellows Park and Bescot, please head over to our online shop and purchase a lucky ticket The link is as below Issawalsall.org

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