3.6.2020. Lucky Ticket Draw Update.

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association

Ref Bescot Bar fundraiser.

As you are aware we are trying to raise £5000. to skin the walls of the newly refurbished Bescot Bar,

Ex legends from both Fellows Park and Bescot will be featured in the vinyl artwork that will wrap the walls.

Today we have it the £4080 mark, so we are heading into the home straight now. Please head over to our online shop using the link at bottom of this post , and if able to do so please purchase a lucky ticket , it only requires 46 more fans to purchase said ticket and its job done, I'm sure we have 46 fans who will be willing to help the club out and want to honour ex legends who have provide us with wonderful memories over the years. We can if we hit the £5000 figure conduct the polls with you the fans input to decide which players are to join Stan Bennett and Alan Buckley from our Fellows Park days, and Jimmy Walker and Jorge Letaio from the Bescot years In the featured artwork.

This TOTALLY fan generated fundraiser is to show how much we care about our club, and to aid them financially,

Yes the Bescot Bar would have been re vamped, but it would not have had the same visual impact of that what we are trying to do and we also wanted to create.an area fans would want to be part of and enjoy there pre match and half time pint.

As well as paying homage to some true ex legends who have represented our beloved club, You will also be in with the chance of winning a season ticket in any area of the Home serve stand and if already a season ticket holder if you win you can roll it over to the following season to again renew free of charge.

As said the finishing line is in sight, please if you can buy a lucky ticket or if you wish to make a donation only pm me for details, Let's get this over the line and get the artwork sorted and ordered.

To all those who have already purchased a lucky ticket on behalf of everyone involved with Issa we say a massive thank you.

Head over to our online shop using link below.