4.6.2020. Lucky Draw Ticket Update.

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association

Ref Bescot Bar revamp.

As of 5 30 pm today Thursday 4th June we have so far raised £4180 to our target of £5000.

Come on guys lets not falter at this late stage. All that is required now is 41 fans to buy a lucky ticket and we are home and hosed. I have spoken with Dan Mole today, and we need to be talking to the design team who are to provide the said vinyals in the next week, and we need to be able to instruct them to proceed with our order.

So please if you can please head over to our online shop, and purchase a lucky ticket, not only will you be helping our beloved club financially, you will also be paying homage to some. True ex legends of the club, who are to be featured in the finished artwork whilst also being in with a chance of winning a season ticket for any area of your choice within the Home Serve stand.

As said we only need 41 more saddlers to purchase a ticket If you feel that a ticket is out of your reach we are also taking donations, as every donation no matter how big or small may see us home. Please pm me for info on how to donate.

If we pull it off and meet our target, we will in conjunction with Walsall Football Club ,be conducting polls on various social media sites giving you the fans a list of players from both our Fellows Park days, and the Bescot years where you will be given the chance to vote on which players you would like to see. Join the players chosen by Issa to feature in said artwork

Players chosen by ISSA are Stan Bennett and Alan Buckley from our Fellows Park history and Jimmy walker and Jorge leitao from the Bescot years.

Speaking with Dan mole today, I told him what an honour it has been for everyone involved with ISSA to have played a part in this process and we can't wait to see finished product. There's no better feeling than giving something back to a club that has provided me personally with a lifetime of great memories, whilst honouring some truly great players to have worn our famous shirt and I'm sure there's many more who share the same sentiments.

Having said that it is again you, the fantastic fanbase of Walsall FC who have again proved , just what our club means to us, and have backed this appeal to the hilt , every single one who has contributed to this appeal will if wished have there name added to a roll of honour to be displayed. In the newly refurbished bar.

To an end let's have one last push and get this over the line. So please if you can head over to our online shop and purchase your lucky ticket, using the link below..


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