An update from ISSA

We would like to make the following announcement in response to questions being asked regarding concerns ISSA have raised, regarding the Walsall Football Supporters Trust.

Communication was sent to the chairperson of the Walsall Football Supporters Trust on the 24th of August 2020, requesting a response to serious concerns that were raised many months ago, and other issues which lead to ISSA being absent from working party meetings.

It was clearly stated that if we had not received a response in fourteen days, our concerns were going to be made public. A response was received, stating he would respond when he had the wishes of the Trust board. At the time of writing this (31st August 2020) we have received no further communication.

ISSA will abide by our word that these issues will not be discussed further until we have received their response to the concerns raised, within fourteen days from the 24th August 2020.

Walsall Football Club have been have been informed, and are fully aware of all of the information above.

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