Discredit Claims Unsuccessful.

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association.

Ref merchandise.

To the people who reported us to the club, in relation to our on line shop all at ISSA would like to put your minds at rest , that we are in fact doing nothing wrong whatsoever, and this has been confirmed by club itself.

The merchandise is 99 % of ISSA's own design and the only item that contained the clubs current crest was the beach towel and that was for interest purposes only and was going to be changed upon production to a different WFC historical badge.

ISSA were fully aware that we could not use the club's current logo without gaining clubs permission and if we ever did want to use it we would of followed the correct procedures as in requesting permission from club , as we did to reproduce it on our Association's flag and membership cards.

ISSA would never bring the club or its own membership into disrepute, as we are a proper fan organisation, and abide by our own constitutional rules , and seeing as we are by far the biggest fan organisation associated with Walsall FC would do nothing to jeopardise our organisation.

The club are more than happy for us to continue, stating that we can continue with merchandise, as long as it does not feature current logo without first gaining prior approval. Again to the ones who tried and failed dismally to scupper us you in fact would have been hurting the club itself not ISSA.

As you may not be aware, we would make it clear that we are a non for profit organisation , with surplus year end funds being dispersed back into the community, to aid grass roots football teams, under privileged kids, the elderly and vulnerable, dementia sufferers, kids with learning difficulties and not to mention large donation's to Walsall Football Club to name but a few.

So please be assured your attempts to discredit us have fell on deaf ears and will continue to do so , as Issa continues to put our fans and football club and the local community first and foremost in our thought process, as that is what bona fide fan associations do.

Please check out our online shop at issawalsall.org you may just find something you don't take offence to.