Food And Drink Companies And Others Kindly Donate.

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref. NHS food appeal.

Massive thank you to BLAKEMORE FOOD SERVICES, and a member of there staff Nick Russell

Upon hearing of our appeal Nick informed his bosses of the initiative Issa. we're doing in relation to providing free food and drink to NHS staff at Walsall manor hospital Immediately they wanted to be part of it , and I'm pleased to say that on. Tuesday. Nick will on their behalf be delivering. to. the catering unit funded by Issa. And WFC fans donations, , A qty of. Tea, coffee , soft drinks, crisps etc, on behalf of Blakemore food services We welcome the support of such a fantastic business, who can see what Issa is all about and are willing to be part of it, we need to remember when all this comes to an end those companies that stepped up and tried to make a difference, in any way they could, Another local company who we must mention is Just a drink/ Cheryl's. Wines. ( Beechdale ). They to have gone above and

beyond. in there support of. Issa. And in making this initiative happen

It's these company's we should be supporting. once everything returns to normal

So as said. A huge thank you from all involved with Issa to both and we. REALLY do appreciate your support

Two other company's who must also be thanked are. Walsall training centre and Beech and son gas. Engineers, two company's. Issa are delighted to

have associated with us and have also played there part in this initiative.

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