Food Van Important Announcement.

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association.

Ref. NHS food van important announcement.

Please be aware that tomorrow, Friday 8th of May, will be the last day we will be taking donations for the food van.

The reason being we have enough left in the fund to do today ,and next Thursday, up at Blakenall Village Centre, when the fund will be then exhausted. Up until today, 3,024 portions of hot food alongside soft drinks and water have been served from the van at its various locations.

This figure is not taking into account the ones who enjoyed crisps, snack bars hot hot drinks etc, so when the van drops it shutters at 4pm next Thursday, we envisage we would have provided our hard working NHS staff with over 3500 meals in total. It was an honour for ISSA to be able to do this and show our NHS staff, just how much we all appreciate them and every hour of the planning and organisation to facilitate this initiative was well worth it.

But ISSA were not alone in making this happen, we had truly phenomenal support from some amazing people and they should rightfully take the credit they deserve so here goes...

The committee of the Independent Saddlers Supporters Association All involved with Walsall Football Club. Mr Richard Cooper. West Midlands Inflatables. Matt and Zoe for there tireless work on the van. A Beech and son gas engineers, Blakemore Food Services. Pyramid Interiors.

Walsall Training Centre. Peter Davis. Liam Murphy. Steve Duggan and family. Chris Marsh ex saddler. Wayne Thomas ex saddler. Peter Davis. Stu Middleton. Alan Piggy Pitiers Steve and Dan Thompson. Josh Piddock Lee Boyce and his video chat question and answer group. M. Jarvis. Nathan Keen.

And last but not least everyone of you Saddlers who donated and contributed to making the whole thing a massive success. Far to many to mention individually, but I pay homage to each and every one of you and you are a credit to yourselves and a credit to Walsall Football Club , which is lucky to have a fan base made up of people like yourselves.

If I'm honest we exceeded all expectations but that is down to you guys, and. I'll say it again. Small in numbers, huge in heart. Walsall FC best club in the country.

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