From PRO To SLO... and a 50 Year Wait.

Around 50 years ago Walsall Football Club came up with the idea of employing their own Public Relations Officer (PRO) - Mr Alf Mew - who had two specific jobs, namely to provide a link between the club and the fans and also to try and increase home attendances by generating incentive schemes and offers etc.

In short, he wasn't too successful of increasing gates but was hampered by bad weather with several games postponed over several weeks one winter although he did respond to letters, the details of how to contact him were in the matchday programme and the local press.

Last December, Walsall FC announced their first Supporters Liaison Officer (SLO) who is Mr

Graham Whittaker and can be contacted by supporters by emailing

From my own experiences of dealing with Graham he is alwayshelpful and there's a quick reply.

It makes you wonder why there was a 50 year time gap between the two but better late than never!

An example of an update by the PRO

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