Get Your Questions In.

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association -

Ref fans questions.

As you are all aware ISSA have direct lines of communication with club still open during this lockdown period where we can put fans questions queries to the club and we will be doing this on a weekly basis, asking genuine questions fans have put to us.

This week two reoccurring questions were put to club.

Q. Have the club tried to or are they in the process of trying to negotiate a rent holiday , from landlords Suffolk life during this period of uncertainty for many football clubs?

If yes what has the outcome of such a request been approved. If an approach has been made to Suffolk life and the request has been declined can they make itt clear to fans the reason behind any such refusal to their request. If an approach has not been made can they disclose the reason why.

Q. Again given the uncertainty around many fans financial circumstances, are club prepared for one season only to let the early bird price remain for all season ticket sales, right up until the new season commences, whenever that may be?

This would benefit many fans who can not commit at present to purchasing a season ticket or entering into the three monthly payment scheme for as said unsure financial reasons.

I'm pleased to say Dan Mole got back to us immediately and informed me these two questions will be brought to the attention of other board members at the daily conference calls they hold, and said he would be back in touch within a few days with a response.

Once we hear back from club their response will be relayed back to you the fans.

ISSA will be continuing with communication with the club , so if any fan as a genuine question, please let us know and we will submit it on your behalf, and try to get you an answer.

We thank the club for making this route of communication available to us during this current crisis.

Please as said all genuine questions need to be with us by Sunday this week in order for us to collate and put to club.