ISSA's Radio WM Spot And Possible Prestigious Award.

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association

Ref Radio WM..

Great news! Radio Wm have picked up on the ISSA and WFC fanbase Initiative, regarding our food truck idea too feed our hardworking NHS staff.

They want to hear all about ISSA and our work within the community and how the food truck idea. came about and the positive reaction it received from you the fans and the local community as a whole including local firms who fully got behind and supported the idea and they wish to hear as to how as fans we do lots of positive things within the community whilst positively promoting Walsall Football Club in everything we do.

ISSA Fan Liaison Officer Colin Plant will be doing a live on air interview with them tomorrow morning at 8 15 ( Monday ) so tune in and hear Colin explain how we at ISSA, the football club and you the fans. came together to make a difference.

On another note, we have been informed that people are actually recommending to the powers that be that ISSA as a group should receive the Mayor of Walsall 's annual award for services to the community, to hear that people actually think that highly of us makes everything we do worthwhile, It's not all about the football and ISSA together with you the fans of Walsall FC we. will continue to strive to make a difference. to those less fortunate than ourselves in our community. Whilst awaiting the return of our beloved Saddlers return to action.

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