ISSA Surprise Planned For Life Long Fans.

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association

Ref Jack and Irene Huskisson.

As some are aware we have amongst our fanbase a couple of super fans, Jack and Irene

Both are in there mid nineties, but are still staunch Saddlers, Well today. ISSA another Walsall fan Jon Cuba Cooper came together to send them a little surprise.

Jon is also an avid Saddler and he purchased a Street Ender mug, and Street Ender badge, via our online shop, but requested they be delivered to Jack as a gift from himself.

ISSA then added to Jon's gift and put a goodbye Fellows Park mug and ISSA badge into the parcel to be delivered to Jack but we couldn't just spoil Jack lol. So we also sent chocolates to Jack's good lady wife Irene.

We hope the gifts bring a bit of cheer during this lockdown period to two of our oldest fans, and it is an honour for all involved with ISSA to be able to have done this, we would also like to thank Jon Cuba Cooper for his thoughtful generosity.

So Jack. And Irene we hope you enjoy your gifts. and everyone involved with ISSA send you their best wishes as does Jon.

The gifts have been taken to ISSA. Historian. Dave Evans who is great friend's with the couple and he will pass them onto Jack and Irene Wednesday.

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