Longest Spell Between Games.

The longest spell that Saddlers have gone between games in regular seasons was in the 1962-3 season when because of the big freeze we didn't play a game from December 15th to March 2nd. This two and a half month period saw eight league games postponed and the FA Cup tie with Manchester City was postponed an amazing twelve times.

As a result of the backlog we ended up playing eight games in March, eight in April and five in May.

Well four and a half to be exact as the original home game with Charlton was abandoned at half time. The month of April saw us play three games in four days over the Easter period which was standard in those days.

Fast forward to the current season. We last played on March 7th which seems such a long time ago and nobody really knows when our next fixture will be - if at all this season - under the current circumstances. If the season continues it will be interesting to see if we actually get to see the games or will they be played behind closed doors? The 62-3 season though totally different must have been so frustrating.

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