Misspent Youth Book.

Brian Jones has this book out which sounds a pretty good read. If you do decide to purchase, quote 'Dave Evans recommended' and he will trigger £1 Gift Aid to a ISSA charity.


An extract from my book 'MISSPENT YOUTH' which has as one of its central themes my two seasons on the books of the Saddlers (1966-7 and 67-8).

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There was a humbling, if amusing incident one Saturday afternoon after a Walsall Third Division home game. If we in the Junior side finished our game in time to get back to Fellows Park and see the end of the first team game, we would go into the ground through the players’ entrance and watch the rest of the game from the tunnel; then dive into the first team dressing room for a cuppa and a biscuit while listening to Ray Shaw and Arthur Cox haranguing the first team whether they had won, drawn or lost.

I think Ray Shaw used to delegate the bollockings to Arthur because his deep booming voice put the fear of God into you, and Ray was an easy going, laconic, avuncular kind of guy. This was the familiar good cop, bad cop routine. Anyway, after one particular match when I had hoovered up the biscuits, I made my way out of the players’ entrance where I knew my Dad would be waiting in the car for me. I walked into a melee of young fans and for the first and only time in my life I was asked for my autograph! Feeling important and approximately ten feet tall, I duly obliged and after satisfying every request, I made my way to the car, only to hear a young voice behind me say “Who’s he then?” One completely deflated amateur footballer, that’s who!

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