Permission Granted For Manor Hospital Mobile Catering Unit.

Independent saddlers supporters. Association

Ref manor hospital food appeal

Great news we have heard back from senior personnel at Walsall manor hospital

I'm pleased to announce that. They have granted permission for us to site a mobile catering unit , and provide free meals to NHS staff based at Walsall manor hospital, , as a thank you from the INDEPENDANT. SADDLERS SUPPORTERS ASSOCIATION, AND SUPPORTERS OF WALSALL FC For all there hard work and efforts during this current crisis we are living through As long as we can get all the provisions needed over the weekend to stock the unit. Out. the unit will be in operation from Tuesday of next week And we look forward to being able to showing them how much they are appreciated. We have now closed the appeal down and. After adding to the original opening donation. Off of £ 1000, from Issa. Together with. Donations. From wfc. Supporters. and the current values of what the two shirts currently up for auction, currently stand at we have at this point in time got a whopping total of £3580. Towards this appeal This totall is made up of the following. £1000 Issa donation Shirt donated by ace accademy. ( currentley at £200. Auction ends 10 am tomorrow Friday ) Dean keates match worn shirt. As worn when title was clinched at Swindon, donated by. Martin josebury and trev manc Bailey of. Just a drink beechdale. ( currently at £460 Auction ends 10 am tomorrow. Friday. ) Donations from Issa members and wfc. fans £1920. On behalf of the independent saddlers supporters association. I'd thank each and everyone of you. Who have contributed to this magnificent.


Walsall FC fans once again proving. Although small in numbers they are huge in heart, and it's with immense pride that Issa have been allowed to be part of helping the best institution in the world. And that is our NHS service

Take a bow everyone who contributed, So proud to be a saddler. Tonight.

Many thanks. Olly

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