Player's Newspaper Columns

It was always interesting and generally amusing to read our player's newspaper columns in the local papers. The Sports Argus and the Sporting Star had them for decades but by the early 1980's local weekly papers like the Walsall Advertiser joined in the fun. Their correspondents had a catchy title next to their picture like 'O'Kelly's Eye', 'Cross Talk' and 'Penn On Paper.'

The Sports Argus list of contributor's included the likes of Peter Hart, Peter Skipper and Graeme Forbes whilst its rival, the Sporting Star, had contributors like Colin Brazier and even Alan Buckley. At various times popular players like David Kelly and Chris Marsh and others had insights into what life was like within the club and many pranks were disclosed to the supporters by these jottings.

Sadly, those types of newspapers have gone mainly due to the internet age and will never return. I'm sure many fans bemoan the demise of those Saturday evening football papers that hit the streets by about 6pm and the rush to obtain copies before they sold out.

Here's an example of such a player's column by Don Penn from October 1982....

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