Talk Sport Radio To Feature ISSA's Fine NHS Support.

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association.

Ref Talk Sport Radio.

Everyone involved with ISSA are bursting with pride, Talk Sport Radio have been in contact,and they will be doing a piece with ISSA Fan Liaison Officer Colin Plant live on the Jim White show, within the next few days.

They think that what ISSA and our fan base have done and achieved in relation to the NHS food van is a magnificent gesture.

They want to get it out there to fans of every other club what has been achieved, This brings our fanbase and our beloved club to the attention of literally hundreds of thousands of football fans,

To me personally this is a massive thank you to each and everyone of you who have played a part, Little old Walsall FC. showing the bigger more illustrious fan base what supporting your hometown club and community REALLY is all about.

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