The Crazy Season of 7 Keepers!

On the field of play at least 1972-3 will always be remembered for the season Walsall FC ended up having to use seven keepers due to an injury to regular No1 Bob Wesson. 

Until early November, Bob was between the posts. Injuries saw the club send out an SOS to Keith Ball, who had retired from league football and he figured in 2 games. Wesson returned for 4  games before Glenn Johnson was drafted in from Doncaster who also played 3 times.

Wesson returned for the away game at Grimsby then came along Ian Turner (later in his career to join up full time) and he did well in his months loan from Grimsby for his 3 games before Saddlers turned to West Brom for the services of John Osbourne, who again played 3 times.

Dennis Peacock was the next to be given the keepers jersey with a two month loan from Nottingham Forest  and he did well in his 10 games.

The last two games of the season youngster saw Jim Inger turn out in a crazy season of goalkeepers in which we created a FL record for the number of keepers used in a single season.