Ticket Allocation Chaos, 1968.

Ticket arrangements for the Liverpool FA Cup tie in 1968 were not straightforward. Following our replay success at Crystal Palace in the previous round, tickets for this mouth-watering 4th round clash went on sale right away. However the criteria for qualifying for such a ticket resulted in a massive own goal by Walsall FC as they had stated that the vouchers printed in the previous two home programmes would qualify for the supporter to purchase their ticket and this would be guaranteed. However with one of the games being an evening kick off it created implications for those who could not attend due to working shifts etc.

The club agreed with these complaints and responded by stating that anyone who could provide evidence that they had worked that evening would still be allowed to purchase a ticket. This had tremendous repercussions however, as the poor office staff had over 10,000 letters all claiming that they had worked that particular evening! Worse still, the office staff had to deal in person with women who had travelled down from Liverpool in the week with similar tales who were aggrieved that they couldn't purchase tickets for their husbands who had allegedly worked that evening too!

Some of these irate women had to be physically removed by police officers who were called to the club offices to disperse them. You couldn't make it up! A number of Liverpool fans did turn up on the day of the match (Saturday February 17th , 1968) without tickets and peacefully camped outside listening for any tell tale roars when their team scored but they were left frustrated as there wasn't any goal for either side as a 0-0 draw was played out.

The matchday programme cover and that somewhat elusive match ticket.

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