Walsall FC Pleased To Get Involved With ISSA Projects.

Independent saddlers supporters association -

Ref. NHS free food truck.

ISSA have had contact from senior personnel within the football club praising and congratulating ISSA on the thought process and implementation of the free food truck for our hard working NHS staff.

The club, even though in lockdown, very much wanted to play their part in this ISSA and fan led appeal and have made available to us some items to help us raise funds, which include a shirt signed by this year's squad and tickets for a game at Besot Stadium , for a game next season, ( winner of upcoming auction to pick a game of their choice when football resumes etc ) The club have also told us if they can be of any help whatsoever, they will do whatever they can to help, and we only have to ask and as said if they can help they. gladly will.

Any town's football club is at the heart of the community, and the Committee and members of ISSA. and I'm sure all fans of Walsall FC would like to thank our football club for wanting to be part of what we are doing. Their involvement in this appeal is greatly appreciated by all involved so a big thank you to all concerned at Walsall Football Club ISSA, the football club, the clubs fan base and local companies coming together to show our appreciation to our. hardworking NHS staff. Makes you proud to be a Saddler.

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